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Phuket, Thailand






Project Managament



Luxury Frontiers was commissioned by Aman Resorts to design and manufacture a mobile pop-up boutique for Amanpuri, Phuket, to display a retail collection of bespoke products for Aman Essentials. The brief required the retail boutique to firstly embody the Aman aesthetic and be assembled overnight on the beach of Amanpuri, then disassembled, packed, and transported to its next Aman destination. Designed and supplied by Luxury Frontiers, the 23m² custom tented boutique debuted on Amanpuri’s shores in December 2023.


In response to the client's request for rapid installation without disrupting guests, the tent was designed as a modular "kit of parts" for assembly and disassembly within a 12-hour period. Manufacturing occurred in South Africa, where Luxury Frontiers iteratively tested and documented the process, providing detailed installation guides for local teams to follow while assembling and disassembling at each location. 


Aesthetic considerations focused on the simplicity and elegance synonymous with the Aman Essentials brand. Elegantly stitched canvas panels create a quilted sophistication, while the roof membrane pattern is a unique design inspired by the Aman Essentials' logo. This pattern echoes that of the retail display units and merchandise sold inside the boutique. The tent's design allows for customizable roofs and wall panels to pay tribute to each location's collection and context. The timber decking is FSC Certified Thermo Ash manufactured in 600x600mm grid panels for easy assembly, packaging, storage, and disassembly.


The sustainability of the Aman Cabana lies in its off-site manufacturing and adaptability. Easily assembled without specialized equipment or skills, it can be repurposed as a kids' play area or dining pavilion without structural changes. The Aman Cabana's journey will continue to the next Aman resort in spring 2024, presenting a new Aman Essentials collection tailored for its second location.



"Unveiling the Aman Cabana at Amanpuri, the birthplace of tranquility, marks a pivotal moment in Aman's 35-year legacy. Every aspect, from product hues to the Cabana's design, draws inspiration from the serene setting of Amanpuri, delivering a distinctive shopping encounter and limited-edition assortments along the Andaman Sea. I anticipate the evolution of our offerings as the Cabana voyages worldwide."

– Kristina Romanova, CEO, Aman Essentials


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