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Reimagining Hospitality

Edition 10 | October 2020

The travel world is in the midst of reinvention. Here, Luxury Frontiers looks back at some of the trends and forces that have shaped the hospitality industry over the past year. 2020 has only reinforced our belief that sustainable development, responsible tourism practices, and good citizenship go hand-in-hand with exceptional guest experiences.

From “slow” travel to the emergence of “secondary cities,” revisit these topics and other editorials you may have missed for our thoughts on the state of the industry.

Why Experiential Concepts Like Starbeds are Revolutionizing Hotel Design

Abu Camp, Botswana. Photo by Wilderness Safaris.

COVID-19 has brought about a seismic shift in traveler’s values. Now guests aren’t just expecting, but demanding hotel amenities and experiences that promote social distancing, harmony with nature, and spiritual recalibration. At Luxury Frontiers, we’ve always believed in the healing power of nature—which is why many of our guestrooms are built with indoor-outdoor living in mind. As proof, look no further than our dreamy, innovative starbeds which marry the comforts of a traditional guestroom with the thrill of being outdoors. Read on here to learn more about the allure of these structures, plus why travelers are bound to see more starbeds in locales around the world.

Luca Franco: Thought Leadership Amidst the COVID-19 Crisis

Thought Leadership Amidst the Covid-19 Crisis

“What’s on your mind right now?” “What will be the next steps in recovering from the effects of the pandemic?” “What factors go into selecting the locations of your resorts?” These are among the questions that Luxury Frontiers’ CEO & Founder, Luca Franco, fielded at recent key industry webinars and digital panels that were “virtually” hosted across South America and Southeast Asia. For answers to these questions—plus why Luca remains optimistic despite the many challenges the industry is facing—read on here.

Why Sustainability is Travelers’ Top Priority in 2020

Why Sustainability is Travelers' Top Priority in 2020
Puku Ridge, Zambia. Photo by Scott Ramsay.

“We’re heading into a new decade with our eco-instincts honed,” writes Juliet Kingsman in a recent Telegraph article, pointing to Luxury Frontiers’ new Camp Sarika by Amangiri as a standout example of a hotel that blends “good looks” and robust sustainability offerings. She continues: “It’s gratifying to scratch the surface and discover forward-thinking, back-of-house behavior.” At Luxury Frontiers, our entire playbook is predicated on superlative style and environmental consciousness—and Utah’s Camp Sarika is but one of our many properties that embrace this ethos. To learn how we’ve also transposed our philosophy to locations in Central America and Africa, click here.

The Road Less Traveled: Why Secondary Cities Are on the Rise

The Road Less Traveled: Why Secondary Cities Are on the Rise

Big crowds, plenty of attractions, and 24/7 action are among the qualities that give big cities their edge. But in COVID times, travelers have become wary of crowded urban centers and have instead sought out natural areas and vibrant second-tier cities (think: Sedona, Arizona, with its sandstone scenery and artsy craft villages). Even before the pandemic struck, a report by noted an increased interest in “unique and novel experiences,” the rise of secondary cities, and an increased demand in non-traditional lodgings such as tentalows and houseboats. Read on here.

Why Slow Travel is Catching on Fast

Why Slow Travel is Catching On Fast

Long before COVID-19 hit, the phenomenon of “slow” travel was gaining speed. The term describes a style of travel that advocates “traveling less and seeing more” while embracing a more sustainable and mindful approach. Now, after several months of limited mobility, many of us have an insight into a slower pace of life and are reconsidering our once-frenzied lifestyles. And it’s clear that, when travel comes back, slow travel will be the norm, not the exception, with people turning to the world with newfound gratitude and appreciation. Read more about our perspectives on slow travel here.

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