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Will COVID-19 change the way we travel?

Publication: The Savills Blog

Published: August 2020

Written By: Raymond Clement and Tru Tran

The COVID-19 outbreak has had a substantial impact on the travel industry and may continue to change the way we travel even after the pandemic is over. In this article, Raymond Clement, Managing Director of Savills Hotels Asia Pacific, examines evidence to support post COVID-19 travel trends including mindful and wellness travel, overland travel, and glamping and luxury tented camps. According the Clement, “Travelers will seek experiences which offer a deeper connection to nature, local culture and mindfulness which will unlock a unique feeling of joy and awe.”

“Our project at Camp Sarika exemplifies superlative style and lightweight design,” shares Luca Franco, CEO & Founder of Luxury Frontiers, the international firm which completed the architectural and interior design of the tents.

The article explains luxury tented camps, like Camp Sarika, becoming more popular to consumers. “From wanting to enjoy natural surroundings in an non-invasive way to consuming local organically grown product, travellers are becoming more environmentally conscious.” Savills predicts, “For investors, it is important to observe and explore the new wave of investment opportunities into the luxury leisure market when these trends take off.”

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