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Vogue: The Volcano Lovers

Publication: Vogue Magazine

Published: January 2020

Written By: Elise Taylor

Nayara Tented Camp, designed by Luxury Frontiers, has been featured in Vogue Magazine. When the owner of Nayara Resorts, Leo Ghitis, purchased the lot it was a cow pasture where all the trees had been cut down. However, Ghitis had envisioned a place where “…nature and nurture go hand in hand”. The tented structures of Nayara Tented Camp seamlessly blend into the surrounding ecosystem, now comprised of roughly 20,000 individual floras brought in for re-population.

“Volcanic vistas appear from open-air yoga studios, and suspended footbridges link the well-appointed, elevated tents.”

Located within the Arenal Volcano National Park, each room is perfectly positioned for clear views of the park’s namesake. Guests also have the chance to view and interact with the now 15 sloths that make up Nayara’s own sloth sanctuary surrounding the tented camp.

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Photo by Nayara Resorts