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Travel Pulse: Luxury Frontiers Brings High-end Alternative Lodging to US

Publication: Travel Pulse

Published: January 10, 2020

Written By: Harvey Chipkin

Luxury Frontiers‘ first foray into the U.S., Camp Sarika by Amangiri, has been explored in this Travel Pulse article. Writer Harvey Chipkin speaks with Luxury Frontiers’ CEO Luca Franco on all things Sarika and the comprehensive services provided by Luxury Frontiers to execute this stunning project.

Nestled in a 78-acre campsite only a half-mile away from the main Amangiri resort, Camp Sarika is the first all-weather year-round tented camp on the continent. Tented camps like Camp Sarika have long found a home in places such as Africa and India as there are lower costs to build and operate in those geographies, but by adding on to existing resorts, Luxury Frontiers has proven itself innovative in the world of experiential travel. Chipkin poses Luxury Frontiers is “one company that was ahead of its time in the alternative lodging category”.

The tents within the camp are acts of architectural marvel. Each tent having been designed to withstand the extreme temperature range that the region faces as well as 95 MPH winds. While Luxury Frontiers has had a focus on more tropical locations due to the more amicable weather, Camp Sarika proves that all the firm’s projects are “site specific and adapted to local climate conditions”.

“Everything we do,” Franco says, “is customized to the climate and to the local culture.” In fact, Franco will do treehouses or even floating units when appropriate. “If a guest is having a different kind of experience,” said Franco, “they will stay longer. Luxury is about disconnecting from our wild, hectic lives. It’s about living with no walls.”

Camp Sarika by Amangiri is poised to open this season and will feature “its own arrival area, food & beverage, a small spa and pool as well as activities specific to those guests.”

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Photo by Aman Resorts