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The Telegraph – Let’s get sustainable: Be guided by your eco-instincts when booking hotels in 2020

Publication: The Telegraph

Published: January 13, 2020

Written By: Juliet Kinsman

Luxury Frontiers is excited to have Camp Sarika by Amangiri featured in The Telegraph‘s recent piece which champions the use of “eco-instincts” when booking travel in 2020.  Folding into its natural landscape, Camp Sarika has not only been designed to withstand the region’s harsh climate, such as drastic temperatures, but also to embrace principles of sustainability. Like on all its projects, Luxury Frontiers worked tirelessly to include sustainable efforts, such as sourcing the talents of local artisans and using long-lasting specialty canvas for the guest accommodations’ design.

“Floating more people’s boats in top-end travel is a new breed of lighter-touch hotels, pop-ups and zero-impact tented camps. From Luxury Frontiers comes an under-canvas, all-season Aman experience in southern Utah in April.”

It is now more important than ever that travelers take it upon themselves to ensure where they are staying have eco-instincts that are aligned with their own. As writer Juliet Kinsman puts it, “Let’s […] herald the start of a decade where we change how we decide where we stay.”

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