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Born and raised in Bloemfontein, South Africa, Marius is passionate about technological development and its effects on the building industry and the environment. In the short time since beginning his career with Luxury Frontiers as a draftsmen in 2021, Marius has worked his way up to Senior Architect and most recently, Head of Special Projects and Procurement. Overseeing now two departments, Marius is driven to build out the project management and procurement teams, ensuring impeccable planning and execution across all projects.

Completing his studies in architecture through to Masters at the University of the Free State, before joining Luxury Frontiers, most notably, Marius worked on the design of the head office for Statistics South Africa in Pretoria. With Luxury Frontiers, Marius has worked on projects all over the world, from Costa Rica, the Bahamas and the Middle East, always fostering a supportive team environment.

In his spare time, Marius maintains his fascination for new technologies and is currently constructing a small aquaponics system, as well as a 3D printing device. In addition, Marius enjoys spending time with his family and the experiencing the wonders of South Africa's outdoors.


Head of Special Projects & Procurement
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