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Having lived in 10 countries and traveled to 90 more, Luca’s true passion lies in transformational travel, rewilding efforts, growing businesses, collaboration, and global opportunities. Thus, in 2011, after identifying the growing consumer demand for experiential lodging, environmental awareness, and immersive travel, Luca founded Luxury Frontiers—a leading international expert in the design and development of emerging destinations, upmarket adventure eco-resorts, lodges, and camps. Through Luxury Frontiers, Luca dreams of helping to shift the world’s travel trends increasingly towards environmentally and socially responsible tourism.

Prior to founding Luxury Frontiers, he was an owner of LLPI, working on projects throughout Europe and the Americas with hospitality leaders like Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton, Bulgari Resorts, Auberge Resorts, Hyatt, The Stein Hotels, Icehotel, Ferragamo, Interval International, and RCI. He was also an equity partner with Strategic Hotels and Resorts.

An avid adventure-seeker and marathon runner, Luca has completed over 25 marathons to date, from the Northern Arctic Circle to Chile.


CEO & Founder
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