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SLEEPER Magazine: A Blueprint for Sustainable Design

Publication: SLEEPER Magazine

Published: November 16

Written By: Juliet Kinsman

Graeme Labe, Principal and Managing Director of Luxury Frontiers, recently featured in an article in SLEEPER Magazine discussing how nature-based design and organic materials are helping create healthier spaces. Kinsman covers a range of topics that comprise the sustainable design ethos, including biophilic building patterns, biomimicry in design, permaculture and zero waste principles. The hospitality industry has embraced this movement with open-arms, ranging from remote, tropical resorts on even urban properties incorporating natural materials such as green walls and living roofs into the design.

“Hotels are also appreciating sustainability as more than a trend, and as a new way of being. As Luxury Frontiers’ Graeme Labe puts it: “Humans spend 93% of their time indoors, but if nature can enhance even the most mundane activities, surely designers have a responsibility to pull the natural world into the built environment?” It’s not just the window dressing you want to look green and natural, it should really function in this way too.”

Among the architects and industry professionals referenced in the article, all are in agreement that sustainability is no longer simply a box to check, but a principle that must be engrained at the core of the design.

View the article, click here: A Blueprint for Sustainability 3.