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Skift: Luxury Tented Resorts Poised for a Post-Glamping Era

Publication: Skift

Published: December 17, 2019

Written By: Colin Nagy

“A lot of nature-centric hospitality experiences got lumped under the ‘glamping’ moniker and seemed frivolous as a result. But the space is growing because luxury travelers like the ability to be closer to nature without sacrificing creature comforts…these unconventional approaches to lodging are gathering steam and resonating with the modern consumer.”

For those looking to learn more about how resorts and lodges around the world are breaking away from “the unfortunate trend word ‘glamping,'” then check out Colin Nagy’s Skift piece on the luxury tented resorts which are doing just that. Featuring Camp Sarika by Amangiri, Nagy goes through some of the key players in this evolving hospitality space. Nagy writes, “Even the super-high-end hospitality brands are getting in on the trend. Aman in April 2020 is set to launch Camp Sarika, close to its iconic Amangiri property in remote Utah. The appeal is the attention to detail of the brand coupled with a back-to-nature approach that promises something more meditative, set among a ‘600-acre landscape of towering mesas, slot canyons, and rust-colored sands.’ Nature is the backdrop and your relationship to it is different than if you were to view it through glass, in the removed confines of a resort.”

Luxury Frontiers‘ CEO Luca Franco‘s interview with All Roads North is linked in this article as well to give readers a better understanding of the often generalized and mis-understood phrase “glamping”.

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Photo by Aman Resorts