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Skift: 3 New Design Concepts for Hospitality That Make Even More Sense Post-Covid


Published: November 3, 2020

Written by: Colin Nagy

Luxury Frontiers was recently featured in an article published on covering new design concepts for hospitality that will become even more important post the COVID-19 pandemic. The article posits travelers across the board are seeking immersion in nature after months of lockdown. Under a section titled, ‘Hybrid Constructions and the rethinking of canvas’, the journalist sites Luxury Frontiers as a leader in this form of design and reference both Camp Sarika by Amangiri and Nayara Tented Camp as examples.

“A brand that perfectly encapsulates this zeitgeist is Luxury Frontiers, one of the most interesting, progressive thinkers when it comes to the future of hospitality design.”

The article quotes Luxury Frontiers’ process working with Aman for Camp Sarika by Amangiri, outlining the importance of understanding the, “physical, geographical, and ecological aspects of the destination (among them: landform, geology, water movement, terrain conditions, stability to the flora and fauna, habitat dynamics, and pollution risks)” when designing a project.

View the Article: here.

Photo by Aman Resorts