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The Hottest Experiential Travel Destinations

Every year brings with it the newest and hottest things. It’s not always different from the year before, but with more experiential travel options popping up across the world, there are plenty of choices. If you’re wondering where you might want to travel this year to get a full immersion experience, consider one of these locations.


Cuba is becoming more popular with Americans and it’s only a matter of time before it’s a very heavily traveled location. It’s hot this year, but not crowded so it’s best to go before it gets that way. Havana gives you a crumbling colonial cityscape along with music unlike anything you’ve heard before. Staying at a casa particular, or a fancy homestay, can give you an authentic experience. The remote northeast town of Baracoa is also magical with plenty of myths and legends revolving around it. Having mojitos on the terrace is often a highlight as the area fades for the night.

Costa Rica

There are now direct flights to this peaceful area of Central America with beautiful beaches, enjoyable wildlife, lively jungles and real volcanoes. It’s easier to hit this location now than ever before and the canopy tour of the Monteverde Conservation area is fun to see from suspension bridged and zip lines. There are also guided rainforest tours at Hacienda AltaGracia and the hotel even has its own ultralight aircraft for aerial tours. The first tented camp in Central America opened last year in the Arenal Volcano National Park. The 25 safari-style suites feature plunge pools with water from nearby hot springs. Visitors boast of seeing toucans and sloths in the trees around them and they can even take whitewater adventures to get their blood flooring.


The Victoria Falls International Airport is brand new and allows visitors to get past the rough areas and straight to the good parts. You may be able to cross the border into Zambia soon to get around the falls as well. Staying at the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is the best with a new restaurant and deck on the west to watch the sun go down. Don’t miss Hwange National Park, since it is the country’s largest game reserve with plenty of elephants to go around. You can see even more on the Elephant Express rail transfer in the corner of Hwange where you get a 40-mile pull along the Cecil Rhones railway line to see even more details. The Victoria Falls Safari Lodge includes some meals and activities with its regular fees.

Finding The Right Experiential Travel Destination

It can be hard to decide between the top locations and travelers often have to choose one over another as there is not enough time or funding to go around. Choose based on your preferences and what stands out to you the most. Not everyone wants a beach vacation while there are others that are desperate for a safari. Any of these locations are winners this year and may only get busier as the years go by.


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