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Luxury Tents Are More Than Just Tents With Mattresses

The camping industry is huge right now, but not as many people pack a tent and a backpack and that’s it. Tents have comforts and, even more so, motorhomes have it all. But there are still plenty of travelers who prefer even more glamor and comfort as well as exotic locations and that’s where luxury tents come in. When travelers go expect luxury tents with this kind of travel, they are betting on several additional items. If you are providing luxury tents at your establishment. They should include some of the following.

Plentiful Adventures

The luxury tents need to be in a location that allows visitors to have true adventures. There might be hiking and biking trails nearby or a glassy lake or river for swims and water activities. The wildlife might be present or there may be peaceful trees nearby for birdwatching. The natural adventures are beautiful and entertaining.

Environmental Friendly Aspects

Luxury travel might not sound like something that is friendly to the environment, but luxury tents embrace eco-friendly practices by using repurposed materials to create the camps. Sure, you have home comforts of hot showers and cooking facilities, but they are provided through solar panels or wood burning stoves.

Luxurious Comforts

Luxury tents are just that luxurious. And they provide everything you could want from a home and then some. There are no thread-bare camping mats here, but rather large, comfortable beds, hot showers, spa services, and plenty of other options for comforts.

Connect To Nature

There’s no better to disconnect from the world and get back to nature than to spend a few days relaxing amidst nature. Luxury tents should be within forests, on beaches, in mountains, and other areas that accentuates the natural elements around visitors. They can breathe fresh air, relax into the natural sleeping patterns, appreciate wildlife and plants, and enjoy a home away from home.

Overall Experiences

Luxury tents shouldn’t feel like home. they should feel better than home. Taking a vacation in a luxury tent could have many goals behind it, but in the end, visitors need to leave feeling like they had a unique experience that they couldn’t have just anywhere even at home. They need to be treated like kings and queens and allowed experiences they can’t have on other vacations. Those unique experiences are what makes luxury tent resorts so special.

The First Luxury Tented Report In America

Luxury Frontiers has created the first luxury tent resort in America partnered with Nayara Hotels. The 24 luxury tents have a master suite with en-suite bathroom and an adjoining tent that can be either a second bedroom or lounge, depending on the visitors. The 945 square foot tents are built on individual platforms and furnished with outdoor living areas complete with a plunge pool filled from hot springs nearby. This kind of vacation, when done right with all of the above elements and more, is something vacationers save up to enjoy for special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, proposals, and other events.


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