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Luxury Tree House Suites Give It All

Do you remember the last time you climbed a tree? As a child, there aren’t many instances when being in a tree house wouldn’t be a dream come true. Where does that go as we grow into adults? There’s certainly an allure to leaving real life behind and just hiding up in a tree. These days, luxury hotels are looking for new ways to give their guests better, more unique experiences and luxury tree houses give them just that and then some. Here are a few things luxury tree house provides:

A Sense Of Adventure

There’s probably no way to sleep in a tree without feeling like you are on a grand adventure. Trees are natural, but they aren’t normal—as far as sleeping goes. Sleeping in a luxury tree house gives visitors an immersive experience that is unlike anything else they’ve enjoyed in the past. That adventurous feeling goes a long way.

Culture Immersion

Whether you’re in a forest, a jungle, or somewhere in between, being in a luxury tree house gives travelers a feeling of cultural immersion. They aren’t just visiting among the cultural activities, they are a real part of a culture. With wilderness views, they feel at peace with the area and one with nature all at once.

Pampered Luxury

You may not think being in a tree house would be very elegant and luxurious, but luxury tree house adventures are just that and more. They offer all of the amenities guests could want with bigger rooms, spa treatments, and excursion options.

Unique Experiences

Experiential travel is something that is on the rise as travelers are saving their money for adventures that are truly meaningful to them, rather than the average vacation. Luxury tree house getaways are certainly unique and something that will allow visitors to get something they can’t have just anywhere.

Locations For Luxury Tree House Travel

There are plenty of tree houses in backyards all around the world, but there are only so many luxury tree house options. Here are a few to consider if you want a luxury tree house adventure for your next vacation.

Chewton Glen In Hampshire, England

This property features three tree houses that offer guests secluded experiences in the woods. They are only a short walk away from the main country house hotel and other amenities, but each tree house has floor-to-ceiling windows to give the best view of the nature. The daily breakfast hamper service that is sincerely delivered through a discrete hatch makes sure guests have what they need without bothering their stay.

Post Ranch Inn In Big Sur, California

California isn’t a normal tree house location, but above the Big Sur Cliffs sits the Post Ranch Inn. This rugged stretch of coastline gives breathtaking cliff-side views form the trees with plenty of unspoiled territory. Options include guided hikes through the forest with majestic trees, including the tallest trees in the world.

Find Luxury Tree House Options

Luxury Frontiers is a market leader in experiential travel space and has built many tree house alternatives in countries all over the world. Take a look at our options if you are looking for a tree house adventure of a lifetime.


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