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Hacienda AltaGracia Resort Development Raises In High Season

Central America has many beautiful locations and Costa Rica often takes the spotlight away from other regions. Perez Zeledon is not as well-known as other areas, but it’s lush wildlife viewing, and beautiful national parts brings it up to par alongside the rest. The newest Auberge resort, called Hacienda AltaGracia, also helps the coffee farms and offerings in the area raise to new heights in high travel seasons. The next vacation on Hacienda AltaGracia is one to be remembered.

Property Setting

The 850-acre estate looks like a wealthy hacienda and has a lifestyle to go with it. The owner simply bought a farm for his daughters to ride horse, but gradually built it to something much more than that. The property has 30 suites and casitas that offer privacy for guests that want to relax. Most guests also enjoy activities around the area.

Outside Excursions

This resort offers a range of wildlife viewing, but guests can also jump on a zip line or visit a coffee farm. Mountain biking is a popular activity and the horse riding offerings set the resort apart from others like it. There are nearly 50 horses in the property’s stables and guests can ride on the estate or take lessons within a riding ring. There are even ultra-light flights available off the airstrip right there on the resort. The open-air two-seater flies guests low over the mountains and plantations to get a good look at the entire valley.

Including The Culture

Twice a week, guests can get a taste of the local culture at the farmers markets. There are also exotic fruit tastings and locally made cheeses during the right seasons. The authentic experience in the area are always being developed to give families and couples just what they’re looking to find even if they didn’t know what that was when they first arrived.

Experience Creation

This resort, like many others that Luxury Frontiers has worked on, has to create authentic experiences for guests to enjoy. Every hospitality element has to fit a consumer need or want, and that experiential concept has to run throughout the vacation. Hotel brands are able to create diversity in their products by providing different resort developments in various locations.


Costa Rica is a beautiful region and any project that is taken on should be eco-friendly. Luxury Frontiers has made sure that this resort offers a full immersion to the jungle. The tents created there are a way to live without walls and integrate into the natural setting. The journey starts right in the room with Costa Rica as a perfect backdrop.

The Perfect Reason To Save

Many visitors save up their money just to have the experience that these luxury resort developments have to offer. The vacations are often once-in-a-lifetime experiences that are like nothing else visitors have ever had before. Giving guests everything they could ever dream of and more gives them a reason to save up and enjoy themselves to the best of the resort’s ability.


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