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The New African Safari

If you’ve ever thought of going on an African safari, you might pause because you don’t want to be a part of tents on the tundra, rattling with the night end and lacking protection from the heat. You love your creature comforts and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you also want adventure and that’s just what you can find on a safari. Simple tents with a single jug of water are long gone on the safari vacation. In today’s modern world, some of the glamorous safari lodges in Africa rival hotels in Paris and other sophisticated locations. Here are a few things you can expect from a luxurious African safari vacation.

Open-Air Dining Rooms

You might want luxury and elegance, but you also want the authentic African experience. That’s what you’ll get when you dine in open-air dining rooms. The curved, dark-paneled wood and bold light fixtures are a gorgeous mixture of cool style and old-fashioned feelings.

Outdoor Showers

When was the last time you took a shower outside? Perhaps you rinsed your feet off when you visited the beach, but other than that, it’s not a normal activity. But outdoor showers are part of the experience of an African safari style. There are no worries about the amenities because the outdoor showers are private and top-of-the-line.

Plunge Pools

Most visitors see a lot of beautiful animals on a safari and sometimes, the animals are doing just what the visitors want to do. On a hot day in Africa, who wouldn’t want to be a hippo wallowing around in the water? The plunge pools in the resort allow guests to do just that in a private manner that doesn’t cut back on any of the views.

A True Safari Style

There are plenty of lodges around the world that have the safari style, but there’s just no way to duplicate that style unless you are actually in the midst of a true safari in Africa. You can expect textile designs among the typical khaki colors with rustic appearances alongside highly groomed elegance. The style of these sites create new looks that hint at the past, but are more creative in their boundaries.

Finding The Right Spot

There are plenty of harsh environments in Africa, but many travelers want to see the natural setting while enjoying a relaxing vacation. For those options, luxury travel like this is the perfect fit. Traveling is a glamorous way to see the natural side of the country without leaving comfort and elegance behind. There is nothing boring about Africa and you can air on the practical side of the safari while avoiding doing something bad for the environment. Luxury travel sites are created to blend into the natural environment to give visitors all the comfort they want along with the true experience of the region. With practicality mixed with beauty, adding luxury Africa style is definitely an experience no visitor will ever forget. This type of safari may not be typical, but it certainly is an option that more and more people are enjoying.


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