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Joining Luxury Frontiers For True Vacation Experiences

Luxury Frontiers is a company that has created smart and sustainable alternative to regular brick and mortar hotels, lodges, and resorts. The sophisticated alternatives offer a number of alternatives and the concept is being called “Luxury Under Canvas.” This idea is no simple tent with a flashlight and sleeping bag. Rather, the accommodations incorporate the comforts of many five-star hotels as well as showers, dining areas, bathrooms, and even plunge pools. What else must the luxury tents include?

Climate Condition Resistance

Luxury tents are made to combat all weather conditions no matter where they are meant to be erected. They can take high humidity, moisture from the coast, heavy rainfall, loads of sunlight, and strong wings. They have easily replaceable components that can come off and go back on individually if they are damaged. It’s rare for whole tents to need replacement. There are also innovative methods for strengthening the canvas to make it last longer and be suitable for any challenging climate.

Environmentally Sound Solutions

Luxury tents also give resorts an environmentally sound way to minimize their carbon footprints. The tents are usually set up on decks with semi-permanent frames using recyclable materials. They can be made permanent as well, but just the use of canvas for accommodations helps the environment. They have air conditioning and hot water, but those things can be provided by solar panels and other renewable resources to make them even more eco-friendly.

Versatility In Placement

Luxury tents can be placed in a number of locations and aren’t held back to just new resorts going into certain areas. They are available for plenty of places including existing hotels and resorts that have land space. They can also act as stand-alone resorts or lodges on their own. They’re create for nomadic journeys and can act as mobile camps for overland expeditions. These luxury tents make wonderful reception and welcome areas or spa and wellness centers. They can be created as multi-purpose rooms that include food and beverage outlets as well. They are unique conference or banquet facilities and they can even house kids’ activities or clubs. With that many options, any resort can find an existing need for luxury tents, even if they don’t have a lot of extra land space for many of the tents in one locations.

Providing Flexibility In Luxury Tents

Luxury Under Canvas from Luxury Frontiers is all about providing alternatives and being flexible for travelers with different interests. Resorts often have time-honored traditions and qualities and these can all be incorporated into luxury tents to make them the most immersive experience on the property. Innovative travel experiences are the ones that are novel and feel one-of-a-kind. The luxury tents give travelers just that with an extra touch of nature without leaving any comforts behind. They get what they want in a vacation along with the experience of a lifetime. Take a look at your resort property to see where luxury tents could fit in to create more of a vacation experience for guests.


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