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Luxury Escapes That Blend With The Environment

Many people are trying to be more “green” within their homes. Perhaps they get new, energy efficient windows to save on energy within their homes. Maybe they change out their light bulbs and simply cut back on how much energy they use. They recycle, use less, and reuse as much as they can. That’s all wonderful when at home, but what about during travel? There can be so much waste that goes into tourism that many people feel guilty about. What if there were luxury escapes that didn’t leave a trace when traveling? Good news there are.

Traditional Hotels Vs. Adventure Travel

In the past, there were two kinds of travelers: those who stayed at traditional hotels and those who wanted more adventure. In recent years, there has been a shift in that ‘either/or’ behavior, and many travelers now want a bit of each. Not everyone has time for vacations on a regular basis, so when they get away they want the experience to be something truly special, and that’s where luxury escapes come into play.

Luxury Doesn’t Have To Kill The Environment

If more travelers want luxury, that doesn’t sound that difficult, but we have to keep in mind that they also want to transform the world in a positive way with their tourism preferences, activities, and spending. Environmental preservation and conservation are at the top of the game, and luxury escapes have to be able to fit in while standing out. This can mean tents that are on raised platforms so the flora and fauna around aren’t displaced, or this can mean energy and hot water that are powered by renewable energy sources. Getting creative about where things come from and how they are provided can give travelers the best of both worlds.

Leave No Trace On Any Trip

Those who have camped in the past may have heard the ‘leave no trace’ rule. They have to carry out whatever they carry in. They leave no trash behind, no gear, and no trace that they were ever there. Luxury escapes can do the same while providing travelers with an experience they’ve never had anywhere else in their entire lives. The experiential travel options that luxury escapes can provide are nothing short of breathtaking in every way.

Blend In, Stand Out

Luxury escapes sound like something that would harm the environment and be very wasteful, but Luxury Frontiers does just the opposite. We create experiential lodging and spaces from a holistic approach that develops unique tent suites, tree house suites, and other alternatives that are light on the earth. There’s a growing demand for these types of lodging accommodations, and many top hotel brands are stepping out into the experiential travel industry. Taking the old camping motto of leave no trace behind and putting it to good use in other travel areas can only help those who travel and the environment as a whole.


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