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Luxury Escapes Tend To Change With The Times

You might think traveling was always the same because the location options aren’t going anywhere. But travelers are starting to change their thoughts about vacation and luxury escapes are becoming more prevalent. Rather than taking a short weekend trip to a town nearby, travelers are saving up and going all out on their vacations. Luxury escapes are becoming more of the norm than something unordinary. Because these trips are escalating, the experiences themselves are morphing as well.

Why Do Travelers Enjoy Luxury Escapes?

It might seem obvious why visitors like luxury escapes, but going over the reasons helps illuminate their popularity even further. Any family, couple, or individual on vacation wants to be entertained, but they also want to be engaged and enriched during their time away from home. Many travelers are looking for a respite from their everyday life, but that doesn’t mean they want to go somewhere off the wall. Rather, consumers are having more desire for something simple, authentic, and environmentally friendly. With the growing use of the internet and social media, finding luxury escapes is easier than ever before and consumers want exclusive locations with memorable experiences.

More Time And Money Goes Into Leisures

As the generations go through the years, it is evident that they have a different way of doing things. People from past generations can hardly fathom texting and that is all the new generations seem to want to do. With generational shifts also comes changes in travel and newer generations spend more time and money on leisure activities including vacations. That means there is more of a demand for luxury escapes because of that shift.

The Demand For Experiential Travel Rises

Researchers are saying that the biggest trend in tourism today is the demand for experiential travel. People are looking for adventure and experiences, but they still want to be comfortable. Experiential travel is something that allows travelers to immerse in the local culture and do things that are active and adventurous in that region. They dive deeper into the authentic area and enjoy plenty of creature comforts when they return to their accommodations.

Where To Go On Luxury Escapes

There are plenty of new locations popping up around the world to give travelers the experiential options they are craving. The travel concept is spreading and resorts are beginning to change their brands with new ideas like tree house structures, luxury tents and more. Here are a few examples of places luxury escapes exist today.

Four Seasons Golden Triangle, Thailand

This resort is situated next to an elephant reserve and offers an all-inclusive stay complete with traditional long tail boats. The tents on site are furnished, air conditioned, and include open baths and indoor/outdoor rain showers.

Treehotel Sweden

The four tree houses located here give travelers the childhood fantasy of sleeping in the forest, yet much more comfortable. The spa is just a short walk away, but the structures themselves focus on sustainability with radiant floor heating and solar panels.

Create New Luxury Escapes

Since the demand is high, there’s room for more luxury escapes today and Luxury Frontiers is here to help. As a market leader in experiential travel space, we provide asset value solutions for the rapid growth in the industry.


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