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Costa Rican Rainforest Resorts Can Become Even More

If you’re thinking about traveling to a Costa Rican resort, the idea of the resort itself might be enough to entice you to the beauty this country has to offer. But when you hear about the latest Nayara Hotels has done to the Costa Rican Arenal Volcano National Park, it’s easy to see why travelers around the world are clamoring to get to this location. Any resort can take these principles into action to take their resort to the next level with Luxury Frontiers aiding the process along the way.

Adding Tented Lodges

Nayara Tented Resort is going to have 24 tented lodges, each which have over 950 square feet They will include master bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms along with adjoining tents that can be another bedroom or a lounge. The tents have their own platforms and furniture outdoor living areas, complete with a plunge pool filled from the hot springs nearby.

Nearby Restaurants

This resort will also have a 16-table restaurant, making it feel private and exclusive without giving way to quality. There are two private dining pavilions as well as a pool with a swim up bar, cabanas, and fire pits.

The African Tented Camps

The Nayara Hotels in Costa Rica loved the beautiful tented camps located in Africa with travelers interested in safaris and the owners recognized that there was nothing open year-round like it in Central America. With the highest mountain in the area and 360-degree views, the setting is absolutely magical for a luxury tent camp.

Plenty Of Amenities

Guests at the tented resort will have access to spas and Nayara’s sister properties including the adults-only Nayara Springs. There are also three treatment rooms that can incorporate volcanic mud into treatments as well as a steam and sauna room for open-air treatment in the pavilion With outdoor showers and whirlpools, no guest ever has to take their eyes off the rainforest or volcano views.

Incorporating These Ideals Into Resorts

There are a number of benefits that resort owners can take away from incorporating their own luxury tents onto their properties. The tents don’t take long to build (usually 12 months or less) and they are environmentally sensitive to areas of great beauty. They also don’t cost nearly as much as renovating or expanding other resort elements. They can pay a resort owner back in under two years and they give travelers an experiential option that they may be seeking. With luxury tents on site, resorts are able to speak to more than one facet of the market and can attract guests that wouldn’t have otherwise had interest in the area. Improving resort brands and diversifying the product is never a bad thing. The tents can even be removed during certain seasons or for any other occasion, if needed. It’s usually easier to get permit approval for this type of addition and it can boost the guest list as well as the traveler’s overall experiences. Consider contacting Luxury Frontiers for help with such a project.


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