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Find A Month For Experiential Travel For Elephant’s Sake

Ivory is an illegal substance that gets readily traded. It’s trade results in the deaths of over 30,000 African elephants every year. That reality leads to experts warning that African elephants could go extinct in the next decade. But a UK-based travel company called Steppes Travel is doing its part to put a spotlight on the largest land mammal in the world.

The Ultimate African Elephant Conservation Journey

This trip is a 31-day travel that gives guests an overview of elephant conservation efforts that take place in five different countries within Africa. Tourists get the chance to see efforts from the deserts to the grasslands and back to the forests. Guests also have a change to interact with elephants and learn about how to lead initiatives in their favor.

The Voyage Details

This adventure starts in the Republic of Congo with a trip to the Odzala National Park. Visitors get to see forest elephants in their natural habitat while they sleep in luxury tens and explore the park by boat, on foot, or by car. The next leg of the trip gives visitors an overview of Zakouma National Park over in Chad where guests can participate in game drives and walks day or night. Then, sojourners visit Kenya’s Save the Elephants research facility, which is a nonprofit group founded by a zoologist that helps to protect and rehabilitated the endangered species. Another stop provides a look at another nonprofit that tracks and protects the elephants from illegal game hunters. This group, located in Namibia, safeguards their watering holes and educates locals about living in harmony with the gentle creatures. The trip ends in Botswana, where the largest elephant population in Africa resides. Guests get to see the rehabilitation efforts at the Abu Camp and meet handlers who care for the elephants. They also get to ride or walk with elephants of many different sizes and take part in the rehabilitation efforts. Some of the proceeds from the trip is donated to Save the Elephants to help the intelligent creates be protected for as many years into the future as possible.

The Immersive Journey

Part of the magic of this experiential travel is that guests are able to enjoy luxury tents in a number of countries. They are learning all about elephants and how to protect them and much of their time is spent out on safaris to see the gentle giants. However, they also get to experience the comforts of home, like in the luxury tents within Abu Camp. These tents aren’t something you would pitch in the middle of the jungle, but rather something with a comfortable bed and fans that easily cool the space. Guests get a break from the details on elephants and the harsh African sun, but are still immersed in the culture and surroundings, never closed off from the overall setting completely. This type of experience is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure that takes many parts to come together completely.


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