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Keeping Up With Luxury Trends

There are trends in every industry, and any business has to either keep up with those trends or get left behind. The luxury hospitality business has trends just like any other and those trends are changing so quickly that there is a huge need for resort developers to create new styles and new ways of thinking moving forward. With cost projections a major consideration with any design changes, land owners are looking for creative ways to bring customers in while keeping up with their luxury, high-end brands. What any resort business has to consider is that they may have exterior grounds around their general accommodations that are being underutilized. Those grounds are places that can be highly helpful in keeping up with trends.

What Travel Trends Are Changing?

Travelers can stay in luxury resorts or hotels almost anywhere they want, and being a guest is no longer about seeing a new place or being pampered. Rather, it’s about experiencing a new place, gaining a new skill, or grabbing a deeper understanding of the people in a certain region. Because of this, simple luxury is no longer enough. Resorts have to offer people experiences, ways to feel emotional connections, and activities that join them to the culture in the area. Couple this trend with an emphasis on environmental responsibility and it’s a compelling way to get new ideas.

Consider Luxury Under Canvas

Luckily, there are companies out there, like Luxury Frontiers, that have caught onto the going trends and have been building structures based on experiences for years. There are elegant alternatives to brick and mortar buildings, and there are ways to extend luxury outside of the regular resort and into spaces like luxury tented accommodations. Many of these luxury tents have bathrooms of their own as well as lounges, dining areas, verandas, and more. They have everything visitors could want as well as an experience of living immersed in nature in a unique location.

Think Tree Top Options

Another concept that brings childhood back into the forefront is the idea of putting structures in the canopy and bringing dreams and play alive with tree houses. The tree houses are elegant and luxurious, but the out-of-the-box idea also creates a new experience that can’t be beat with a simple hotel. The destination adds mystique to the location, and the cultural activities offered around the trees makes coming down that much more fun.

Bring The Outside In

When visiting a new destination, travelers today want experiences that they can take home and remember forever—not another luxury hotel that is the same as every other hotel. Experiential travel is the name of the game, and bringing the outside into any living structure is the way to do it. Luxury tents and tree house resorts are private, protected, and intimately connected to nature. They are also a cost-saving way to build onto a hotel and accommodate more guests in a variety of manners (or on a seasonal basis). This portable trend is comfortable, luxurious, and a grand way for guests to truly experience their vacations.


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