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Luxury Hotels: Stay At One, Stay At Them All

Those who have never stayed at a luxury hotel before are in awe of the comforts, the elegance, the services, and the amenities. But if you’ve stayed at one luxury hotel, you may feel as if you’ve stayed at them all. Luxury hotels differ in a variety of ways but travelers who are looking for something truly unique may quickly tire of luxury hotels. In fact, they might find them outright boring. Here are a few reasons why and what resort developers can do about the issue.

Reason 1: The Overall Style

Luxury hotels are somewhat limited as to what they can do with their décor. They have four walls in every room to do something with and that’s that. They may have a view to accentuate or all of the most elegant materials in the world, but in general, the style is limited.

Reason 2: The Amenities

Luxury hotels generally have a long list of amenities, but they are also very similar to one another. If you’ve seen one list at a luxury hotel, you’ve seen another. They feel endless, but there might be something guests are craving that aren’t on the lists . even if they don’t know what that is, exactly.

Reason 3: All About Comfort

Luxury hotels emphasize comfort in every way. They want guests to relax and enjoy their time away from home while they are being pampered at the hotel. Relaxing is always nice, but there aren’t any experiences that go with that. Travelers have found that they can relax just about anywhere and they crave adventure to go along with it. There isn’t much adventurous about a luxury hotel.

Reason 4: Prices For Services

Luxury hotels have steeper prices on them than average hotels and that’s because of all of the services and elegance you get. But some travelers have tired of those services and opulence and they find that paying for them over and over again isn’t what they really want.

What Are Resort Developers To Do?

There’s no reason to worry. People will still stay in luxury hotels just to get the best of the best. But when they are looking for something truly unique, it is smart of resort developers to add experiential travel options to their property. There are plenty to consider:

Luxury Tent Resorts

Instead of decorating the same four walls in a resort setting, add luxury tents to the property and let nature be the decoration. These tents include all of the comforts of home along with experiences guests can’t have otherwise.

Tree House Resorts

There’s nothing normal or boring about sleeping in a tree, even if the tree house is something luxurious and elegant itself. Tree house resorts are highly popular and in demand for those looking for a different experience.

Going Beyond Luxury

We can all agree that luxury is great and there’s nothing wrong with a quality luxury resort. But travelers sometimes want something truly unique that stands out and that’s where experiential travel comes in. Luxury Frontiers specializes in creating these experiences for travelers all over the world with both luxury tents and tree houses.


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