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Bringing Resort Development To Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a lovely sliver situated between Nicaragua and Panama bordered by both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. With conservation as a key to its beauty over the years, much of the country has been declared protected as natural reserves. Costa Rica is small, but has a large amount of biodiversity and is a well-known “green” country before “green” even became a thing. Ecotourism became hot in the 1990s and Costa Rica was a ready-made paradise. People from all over the world who wanted to see birds, study biology, enjoy adventure sports, and view plants and flowers have flooded the country ever since. But there is still something that is missing from this beautiful region: luxury.

Costa Rica Gets The Luxury It Deserves

There are plenty of luxury hotels all around the world, but the owner and property developer of Nayara Springs states that Costa Rica isn’t a location that holds any. To remedy that fact, he set out to build luxury accommodations right in the Costa Rican rainforest. Costa Rica is easy enough to love and with the comforts of home (and beyond) it’s even easier for travelers to enjoy its beauty.

Nayara Springs Opening

Nayara Springs opened in 2013 with just 16 villas as an adults-only addition to Nayara Resort, Spa & Gardens. It is set under the jungle canopy and in the shadow of the Arenal Volcano, which dominates the skyline in that direction. This volcano was once the most active in Cota Rica, but now sits in third place. The quiet landmark contrasts the beauty and power of nature in any locations.

Navara Springs Today

The resort now has 35 villas that boast of 1,500 square feet made of teak and stone. They are surrounded by the rainforest and tropical plants with polished wooden floors, kind beds, and indoor and outdoor showers. Each villa also has a plunge pool drawn from mineral-rich volcano water.

Birds Making House Calls

With over 500 species of birds, visitors don’t have to go anywhere at all to see the diversity of the region. These birds make house calls with parrots lounging in the common areas and kiskadees along the pathways. There are also often hummingbirds visiting the villa patios. The lush landscape is practically exploring with orchids, red ginger plants, and others that are rare in portions of the world outside of Costa Rica.

Come And Never Leave

The remote location sits a few hours away from the capital city of San Jose and once guests arrive, they are often tempted never to leave. There are plenty of activities and entertainment options right at Nayara Springs so it’s certainly possible. And wish five-star restaurants and a range of cuisines, it’s enticing to even dine on location. This location is expanding even further to include luxury tens to give travelers an even greater immersion experience with the beauty of the region. Staying anywhere on the property allows guests to feel like a part of the culture during their vacation.


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