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Is Luxury Travel Possible In Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is one of those elite countries with so little land and yet so much beauty. No visit to the country is complete without a trip to the Arenal Volcano National Park, but anyone who walks along those paths won’t soon want to leave. Luckily, Nayara Tented Resort opened in early 2017 so there are now luxury options within that region.

What Is Luxury Travel?

If you’ve never heard of luxury travel before, or perhaps don’t know exactly what it means, it’s a glamorous form of camping. Yes, you’re in a tent, but it feels like you’re in a hotel because you have a master suite, en-suite bathroom, air conditioning, a comfortable bed, and everything else you could want, complete with a plunge pool in your private outdoor living space. Luxury suites are not something that ordinary campers are used to, but they are just what this region of the country calls for because of the outdoor beauty. No one wants to be stuck inside with volcano views hidden away. Luxury travel allows visitors to see the rainforest and volcano at all times while enjoying creature comforts as normal.

What Does Luxury Travel In Costa Rica Entail?

Luxury Frontiers helped Nayara Hotels create 24 tented suites that will now be open year-round. They are the first suites of their kind in the country and they have views of the Arenal Volcano any time of the year and any hour of the day. The tents not only have master bedrooms, but they have an adjoined tent that can be a second room or a living space, depending on each guest’s needs. The outdoor living areas are the perfect place to watch the sun go down and the plunge pool is a great place to cool down at the end of the day.

Are Guests All Alone In The Rainforest?

It will feel as if guests are secluded as each luxury tent is private. However, there is a resort nearby that allows guests to enjoy a 16-table restaurant with a variety of options as well as a pool with a swim-up bar. There are even spa treatments that can incorporate the natural wonders of the nearby volcanic mud. Guests can be as secluded or involved with others as they want. As long as they enjoy nature and luxury, they will appreciate Nayara Tented Resort.

Luxury Travel Around The World

Luxury Travel is a relatively new idea that has taken flight all around the world. Travelers are more interested in experiences than accommodations and when they get both in one place, they are on top of the world. Resorts are starting to use their excess land for luxury sites in order to expand their brands and give guests options they didn’t have before. Luxury Frontiers is a leader in the industry and creates tented suites and tree house sites all over the world. Resorts with an interest in such an addition should contact them for details and information to see if what they did in Costa Rica can be matched in other areas.


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