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Taking African Elegance To A New Level

Abu Camp sits in the heart of the Botswana Okavango Delta and has had a reputation as the best place in Africa to ride elephants for the past 20 years. Now, Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, partially owns the resort and he reopened it in 2011 with refurbishments in place. The camp sits on 500,000 private acres with just six accommodations.

Abu Camp Suites

The handful of suites at Abu Camp overlook a tranquil lagoon in the shade of hardwood trees. Their canvas and beam structures are part cabin and part tend and feel completely African. The structures don’t have air conditioning, but the ceiling fans are effective to cool the space. The individual decorations are customized so that each stand alone. Each features a kind-size need and appropriate decorations from traditional African sculptures to natural paint and photography.

Baths From The Finest Resorts

Considering these suites are tents in the African wilderness, it is surprising to learn that they have huge and splendid bath options and walk-in showers. The twin basins in the suites and electric lighting gives plenty of comforts, just like at home. Many visitors feel as if they are in LA instead of Botswana.

Outdoor Living Spaces Beyond Wildest Dreams

The suites feature glass doors that open onto decks with soaking tubs. The private tubs are a great place to watch eagles fish nearby. There might even be elephants around to rip branches from nearby trees. The sundecks and loungers are a good substitution from plunge pools, which are often the norm in luxury tents. The elegant and relaxing environment can make anyone comfortable with a good book or a pair of binoculars. No guests ever have to leave to find entertainment or relaxation.

Public Areas At Abu Camp

Guests in the suites can also enjoy the contemporary African styles in the public areas including a library and communications center. Those traveling away from family members can visit with them through a reliable Internet connection in the communication center. There are even high cuisine options that travelers expect enjoying in a restaurant within Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Game Viewing Customization

Travelers who want to see exotic animals can’t do much better than the Abu Camp with customized options all around. The large game species, like lions and leopards, are often common and the birdlife is out of this world. Travelers can also ride on or walk with some of the trained elephants that are local to the camp. Some of the elephants are mature males while there are younger elephants that are much smaller. No one has to worry about feeling like they are in a circus because the elephant enclosure is well-organized, and the animals are happy and well cared for at all times.

Another Luxury Tent Success

This camp is another example of how successful immersive luxury tent communities are within exotic resort locations. Visitors get true experiences to go with their vacation that they will not soon (or ever!) forget.


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