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Getting Luxury Resort Development Advice From An Expert

Luxury Frontiers is a leading company in the luxury resort industry, creating experiential travel spaces that are holistic and environmentally friendly. Developing these spaces isn’t easy, but there is a rapidly growing demand for this type of travel, and teams that do it right can work with leading brands in the industry. For those looking into luxury resort development, take advice from Luca Franco, the CEO and founder of Luxury Frontiers.

Start With The Journey

Franco believes that the experiential design is where every luxury resort should start. It’s not about the building, but rather the overall experience. It should be sensitive to the natural environment, but also capitalize on the trends in the market, which today revolve around experiential travel.

Forget Ordinary Camping Or Glamping

Many people who have camped in a tent with nothing between them and the ground but a thin piece of nylon think that glamping means an air mattress in the tent. While it’s much more than that, luxury resorts take even the luxury camping idea to an extreme and offer unique experiences along with their elegant locations. Luxury tented suites and treetop suites are concepts that go beyond any type of camping, or even glamping, offerings.

Combine Indoor/Outdoor Living

Luxury resorts, as done by Luxury Frontiers, are all about taking outdoor experiences and nature and combining them with indoor luxuries. Preserving values and giving unexpected experiences personally enriches guests and engages them in a whole new way. The result is a life-altering experience and a lifelong memory.

Customize Each Project

There’s no cookie cutter way to design a luxury resort. Even if you want something similar somewhere else, the location has to determine the project. Each project must be customized based on the location, the climate, the seasonality, guest profiles, usage, budget, and eco-sensitivity, among many other things. There aren’t any two resorts that should be identical, or the luxury resort development isn’t being done properly.

Create Life-Defining Moments

Employees at Luxury Frontiers hear from families that visit their resorts and they say that the immersive travel was truly life-changing for them. The resorts need to develop an intangible element and help visitors connect to the environment and local culture on an emotional level. The travel experience includes infrastructure and hospitality, but it goes way beyond any service or amenity. Visitors are able to return to the basics of humanity and get away from preconceptions, simply embracing and engaging with their new surroundings with all of their senses.

Contact Luxury Frontiers For More

Luxury Frontiers is more than happy to help new developers create experiential experiences in even the most exotic locations. Advice from professionals can be priceless when taking on a venture this large. Working with professionals who know the business and what today’s discerning travelers are looking to find can help developers create just the right experiential option. There are tangibles involved and getting those facets right speaks to the traveler, yes. But, it’s the intangibles that will pull at their hearts.


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