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What Can Luxury Frontiers Do For Natural Beauty?

When you think about a beautiful rainforest overlooking a wondrous volcano, you might think the view can’t get any better. While that statement is very true, what if you could stay nearby and enjoy the natural wonders of the area in an eco-friendly manner? Thanks to Nayara Hotels and Luxury Frontiers, now you can.

The First Tented Accommodations

Costa Rica is happy to announce that the first year-round tended accommodations opened in 2017 called Nayara Tented Resort and already, people from all over the world have traveled to the area to see it. Nayara Hotels, an award-winner in the area, owns a collection of properties in the Arenal Volcano National Park and created the luxury tent community as part of its resort. The unique location was designed and created by industry leaders Luxury Frontiers.

Luxury Frontiers Steps In

Nayara Hotels already had a stellar location with over 500 species of birds nearby and views to die for. Their luxury resort was a high-quality place, but they needed a bit more experience to go along with the destination. With Luxury Frontiers helping, they created a collection of 24 tents, each of which have 945 square feet. The accommodations sit on their own platforms and have master suites and en-suite bathrooms. The outdoor living area complete with a plunge pool, filled with water from nearby hot springs.

The New Resort Is Light On The Earth

Nayara Hotels already owns and runs Arenal Nayara and Nayara Springs, but now, the new resort gives them a light on the earth solution to use land they already own to create immersive experiences for guests. These amazing luxury tents are both comfortable and eco-friendly with sustainable design elements in the mix. Luxury Frontiers used locally sourced building materials and rainwater capture systems as well as renewable energy sources in the structures.

Looking Outside Costa Rica

If the idea of a luxury tented community appeals to you, Luxury Frontiers has been around the world creating unique projects in many countries. Their handiwork can be seen in Tanzania, Botswana, Spain, and many other countries. There are plenty of projects coming up the pipeline including locations in the United States. It’s safe to say that Nayara Tented Resorts is a hit and added quite a bit to the resort as a whole.

Consider Luxury Tents

If you already own an exotic location with a top-of-the-line spa and if you have extra land that is going un or underused, luxury tents are a great option to consider. Luxury Frontiers can take what you have to work with and create an experience that your guests will enjoy for many years. The luxury tents are cost-effective and don’t take long to create. They give travelers an experience unlike any other and connect them to nature in a whole new way. Luxury tents are financially beneficial as well since they are eco-friendly and pay back investors within 2 years, on average. Contact Luxury Frontiers for more details on luxury tent additions to any property.

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