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Creating Experiential Travel Options Out Of Excess Land

Anyone who has a stake in the luxury travel industry has noticed that consumer behavior has changed over the years. Affluent travelers who used to enjoy luxury hotels want authentic travel experiences and something more than what a regular hotel can offer. As a result of that trend, hotel and resort owners are trying to create something more unique at a price that makes financial sense. Many have undertaken renovations and have added activities or amenities. Others have overhauled their marketing and sales strategies. While some of these things can work in a few ways, the best way is to create experiential lodging options. If you have a resort with extra land, Luxury Frontiers recommends luxury tents or tree houses. There are many benefits to using these structures to offer luxury guests what they are seeking. Here are a few to consider.

Benefit 1: Minimal Investment

Looking into making changes to a resort can result in expense after expense. Renovations are never cheap and building another hotel is even more financially burdensome. But adding luxury tents to ground that the resort already owns? That’s not so bad. The tents are less costly than many other options, and they can bring in big revenues because of their experiential nature.

Benefit 2: A Quick Payback Turnaround

With the low cost on the luxury tents, resort owners can see their money back in about 2 years—or less. The money that comes in from stays after that is profit.

Benefit 3: Using Land And Increasing Value

If there is land around the resort that is under or unutilized, putting experiential room inventory on that space only makes sense. Owners are monetizing what was otherwise unproductive and even adding value to the land and the property as a whole.

Benefit 4: Utilizing Branding

Resorts have a brand in place already and if they want to change it, it can be very hard to do. Instead, they can use their brand that is already there to shift things over to an experiential nature or add an experiential offering to the resort’s campus. Travelers know they are still getting quality under the brand, but they are also getting the experiences they crave.

Benefit 5: Short Development Timeline

Undertaking renovations can takes years once the planning and implementation takes place, but adding luxury tents or tree houses is relatively short. This process can be done in even less than 12 months, which helps to get things rolling much sooner.

Benefit 6: Environmental Friendliness

It’s always a benefit to incorporate eco-friendly practices with anything you do on your resort grounds. Luxury tents and tree houses are environmentally sensitive products that can take your property and brand to another level and can save you money in the long run.

Benefit 7: Product Diversification

You can offer your guests a new range of products with luxury tents in place and perhaps even reach a part of the market that wasn’t interested in your resort before.

Grabbing Onto Experiential Travel

With a new experiential design, you can re-energize your property and engage the market once again. The compelling financials bring with them huge benefits for any resort with extra land to use.


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