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Choosing Experiential Travel Vacations For The Right Occasions

Some individuals go on vacation every summer, just to get away, and that’s great. They might drive one state over from where they live and enjoy different scenery and certain activities. Others might want to take a larger trip for a special occasion. They might be to relax even further and truly unplug or they might be for an anniversary, a proposal, or even a big birthday. For those experiences, there should generally be something more than just driving to a new city not too far away. Experiential travel makes vacations something truly relaxing, romantic, and memorable. Consider these out-of-the-box ideas to form the right kind of experience for customers looking to celebrate special occasions.

Luxury Tents

If you run a resort and someone suggests you add tents to the property so people can rent them out and sleep in them, you might laugh. But luxury tents are something completely different and totally spectacular. These tents blend in with the natural surroundings much better, but give guests all of the comforts they want and need. They are fully air conditioned, have bathrooms, comfortable beds, and even often amenities like plunging pools. The privacy and overall experience of luxury tents is something special that makes a special occasion something to remember.

Treetop Resorts

When someone suggests you build a tree house at your resort, you wonder if they want you to attract more children to the area. That’s not the point of treetop resorts, however. Who doesn’t want to sleep in a tree house for a few nights, even as an adult? And the treetop resorts aren’t just a few boards in a tree with a sleeping bag on the floor. They’re full of luxury and options and they are the perfect retreat into nature for those looking to get away from it all.

Natural Habitats

Both tents and tree houses can fit into this category and they can both add to the experience of the resort visit. Travelers are more eco-conscious and they want to be friendly to the environment, even when they visit new locations. When the structures fit into the environment, they are able to immerse themselves into the culture surrounding them in an easier way.

Structure Installations

No matter what type of luxury structure you decide to put in for experiential travel purposes, you will want to make sure it’s done just right. Most of the structures are relatively fast to put together and some, like luxury tents, can be slightly shifted to new locations over time. Some projects are even removed during rainy seasons and then put back into place later. The goal is to give guests as much luxury and as many experiences as possible during their stay. They should feel as if they get what they paid for and then some with the comforts and options that come along with their experiential travel. The experience comes first, the structures and activities around it fit in with the overall idea behind the experience.


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