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Luxury Can Be Sustainable Within The Right Resort

Luxury is something that has a high price, right? It’s not usually something people think of as sustainable or even eco-friendly. But more and more luxury resorts are making an effort to go green and those being built are often created to be friendly to the environment. Luxury resorts give visitors unique experiences, but it’s nice to know that some are making a true stride to protect the world as we know it—and even to make it better. Here are a few ways developers are creating luxury resorts in sustainable manners.

Keep The Landscape Natural

If there is a stream running through the property, the last thing developers want to do is cover it up with a big building or parking lot. The sustainable thing to do is work with the space available and keep things as natural as possible. The structural form of any building should fit into the landscape and trees should be utilized in the most natural way possible.

Incorporate Nature

There might be certain things that have to move in order to create the luxury resort. But some of the chosen locations have trees and other pieces of nature that are too beautiful to let go. These items can often be incorporated into the structures as centerpieces, making the area more sustainable, more natural, and more beautiful.

Add Local Touches

Whatever the local customs and cultures include, the developers need to consider as well. These things give insight into the soul of the area, such as including local flora and fauna, and they allow the area to be more sustainable and unique as well.

Create Experiences

Using luxury resorts as something elegant as one thing, but creating a unique experience for guests is quote another. There should be a natural environment that is secluded, but accessible. They might be close to villages, but they feel like they are set apart as well. They offer experiences that allow visitors to feel a part of the culture without intruding on the local scene.

Choose Textiles Well

Textiles can come in a chemical-free manner with natural fibers and the paint on the interior walls can be water paint.

Renewable Resources

Any luxury resort is going to need energy to get by, even if it is remote. It’s not always easy to tap into the grid and many resorts have to have their own resources. With natural resources that can be renewed, energy can be provided without using fossil fuels. Solar panels and other options allow the resort to become sustainable without harming the environment in any way.

Use Surrounding Adventures

Instead of creating anything new, many luxury resorts use the area around them for their adventures. If they are close to a lake, ocean, or sea of some kind, there might be snorkeling, sea diving, and other such options. If there is a forest in the area, there can be guided hikes, explorations, and plenty of other choices. Using the location for adventures cuts back on the need to create more items in the area.


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