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Pitch A Luxury Tent Without Bringing A Tent

It’s a rite of passage to backpack across Europe, right? Individuals in college grab a few items of clothing and a little money and see how far they can get. They rough it in hostels and enjoy as many experiences as they can. There are also those who like to pack a tent and some water and head out into the wilderness for the weekend. And then there are those who are good at booking hotel reservations any time they want to travel somewhere. But what if you could have it all? The experiences of a backpacking trip, the connection to nature, and the comfort of a hotel? That’s what a luxury tent resort can provide.

The Luxury Travel Phenomenon

Luxury travel is becoming a global phenomenon that basically recognizes glamor in every instance. Travelers are more connected to the local culture and community than they would be in a hotel, but they are still getting all of the comforts they need and want when they are on vacation. These collective retreats are becoming a part of the business model for more resorts across the world.

Why Do Resorts Add Luxury Options?

Many resorts are already in existence, but they have found that they need to change with the times. As travelers want more experience along with their regular comforts, luxury travel becomes the perfect additional option. Some resorts have unused land and adding luxury tents doesn’t cost them as much as adding more rooms or other renovations. They can also put them up relatively quickly and they can even potentially be moved to a different location later. The luxury tents give guests air conditioning, master suites, bathrooms, and often plunge pools, among other things, but they pay back the resort owner within two years and the rest is profit.

Who Should Try Luxury Travel?

There are plenty of different vacation personalities on the market, but luxury is something that fits most people’s profiles at one time or another. Those that enjoy camping out in the wild would also enjoy going with luxury on occasion because who doesn’t like to be pampered? Those who like five-star hotels appreciate the comforts luxury travel brings along with it. And those who simply want adventure will never be able to say enough about an experience like this.

Experiential Travel At Its Finest

Luxury Frontiers is a company that develops and creates luxury tents and tree house structures to give travelers a true experience. When visitors want to do more than just “stay” at a hotel, they can book a luxury site instead and immerse themselves in the area around them. The culture is within reach, as is nature, but the creature comforts are there as well so no one has to step out of their comfort zones. Experiential travel is something that teaches lessons about the area, about life, and about how to relax in a whole new way. Luxury can also be very romantic and the perfect setting for special occasions like anniversaries or birthdays.


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