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Outside In: Blurring the Boundaries Between Interior and Exterior

Wirtten By: Nadia Ghillino, Interior & Design Architect, Luxury Frontiers

All too often, a well-considered architectural design is perceived as an external statement seamlessly stitched into its surroundings. Similarly, thoughtful interior design is looked upon as an internal expression of those same physical and cultural attributes. But what happens where the two design disciplines meet? What ensures their seamless integration, continuous spatial flow, and conceptual progression? That’s Interior Architecture, a discipline with one foot outside and one foot inside.

“Interior Architecture ensures that both the architectural skin and interior design are deeply entwined.”

It challenges the invisible line drawn at the junction between architecture and interior design, and blurs the boundary, pulling the inside out and the outside in. Here, architectural design does not stop at the front door, nor is interior design limited to any restriction imposed by architectural form. Instead, Interior Architecture ensures that both the architectural skin and interior design are deeply entwined.

Camp Sarika by Amangiri in Southern Utah. Its large overhang and well considered furniture offer a prime example of a blurred boundary between inside and outside space. It is a true marriage between architecture and interior that culminates in site-sensitive design; by Camp Sarika by Amangiri.

“Design crafts links between natural, cultural, and economic details to generate a deeper understanding.”

Furthermore, by blurring the intersection between outside and inside, the rich contextual palimpsest engrained to each context can bleed inside along with a tapestry of colours, textures, and forms. Here, design crafts links between natural, cultural, and economic details to generate a deeper understanding of its contextual canvas. In doing so, the design process becomes ‘unlimiting’ and does not end with production. Rather, it adopts the ‘ever-changing’ character of nature by allowing the ecological surroundings to envelop and enhance it over time. All the while, the design never loses relevance or its ability to morph, change, and grow with its natural environment.

In conclusion, the design discipline of Interior Architecture banishes any disjoint between architecture and interior eco-design and becomes a catalyst driving an all-encompassing, contextual experience that brings the inside out and the outside in.

The observation tower of each guest room at Puku Ridge challenges the boundary between inside and outside to enhance the user experience. More than a superior lookout point, it can transform into a star bed for guests to enjoy a night beneath the starry African sky; by Scott Ramsey.


About the author: As an interior architect, my role is to help bridge the gap between the architectural and interior design elements of Luxury Frontiers.  I often manipulate architectural skin to enhance the internal spatial quality. My aim is to seamlessly integrate architectural and interior visions.


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