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Luxury Magazine: Far and Away

Publication: Luxury Magazine

Published: Summer 2020 Edition

Written By: Jackie Caradonio

In their summer 2020 edition, Luxury Magazine explores six remote and luxurious tented retreats, including Camp Sarika by Amangiri and Nayara Tented Camp, both designed by Luxury Frontiers.

“For decades, the concept of the luxury camp was confined almost entirely to Africa… But the pitch has since migrated from Africa to Asia to the American Southwest to give travelers a new sense of escapism in some of the most isolated places on earth. The result is hardly roughing it—rather, these retreats are as comfortable as they are far away, reserved for a select and privileged few. ”

Surrounded by Utah’s open desert, Camp Sarika by Amangiri is only a 30-minute hike or five-minute drive from the main Amangiri resort. The ten tented pavilions are “camouflaged against the backdrop of the high desert’s towering mesas and rust-colored sands, the rippling canvas accommodations mimic their undulating setting.”

Equally exclusive and immersive in Costa Rica, Nayara Tented Camp‘s surrounding area was re-forested during the project to provide native sloths a larger habitat. Adding to the allure, the camp’s tented accommodations are nestled among the forest’s treetops, providing “privacy from any other living being (sloths notwithstanding).”

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Photo by Nayara Resorts