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Hotels Magazine: Run Wild

Publication: Hotels Magazine

Published: July 16, 2020

Written By: Jeff Weinstein

Jeff Weinstein, Editor In Chief of HOTELS, takes his first steps into the world of rewilding for his recent contemplation, Run Wild, for Hotels Magazine. With the purpose of the blog post being to drive hoteliers to begin thinking about the improvement of wellbeing for all, Weinstein features conversations with Luca Franco, Founder and CEO of Luxury Frontiers, and hotel designer Bill Bensley.

“Luca Franco, Founder and CEO of Luxury Frontiers, which creates bespoke experiences in nature for resorts and lodges, often in the form of tented camps, is a champion of rewilding because he believes society has pushed its fragile eco-system to the edge. “We need to let nature rebalance us and inspire us,” he says.”

After referring to a Luxury Frontiers opinion column on the rewilding topic written by Luxury Frontiers Principal Jesús Parilla, Weinstein expresses that with the new home office normal, writing this piece has given him hope.

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