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Hotels Magazine: Local Color

Publication: Hotels Magazine

Published: September/October 2020 Edition

Written By: Alicia Sheber

Hotels Magazine celebrates the recently opened Camp Sarika by Amangiri, designed by Luxury Frontiers, on the cover of their September/October 2020 edition. The piece features discussions with Homi Vazifdar, CEO of Larkspur, California-based Canyon Equity, and Graeme Labe, Principal & Managing Director of Luxury Frontiers. Vazifdar shares that all ten tented pavilions that make up Camp Sarika “can be occupied without structural or layout changes driven by COVID-19” due to the “inherent social distancing in Camp Sarika’s masterplan.”

“Graeme Labe, Luxury Frontiers’ principal and managing director, says developing tents that can be used year-round in Utah’s weather extremes was a meticulous process of repeated trials with computer-generated simulation models. Finding compatibility with Utah building codes was also a hurdle for a project aspiring to be highly considerate of its surroundings, he says.”

Labe also speaks on the design of the tented pavilions, stating that “the team opted to build tents that allow maximum immersion into the environment without sacrificing comfort.”

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Photo by Aman Resorts