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Financial Times: Deep in the Utah desert, is this the world’s most glamorous ‘campsite’?

Publication: Financial Times

Published: July 3, 2020

Written By: Hannah Murphy

Financial Times provides an exclusive first review of Camp Sarika by Amangiri, “Aman‘s new outpost offering isolation in style…and perhaps one of the world’s most glamorous ‘camping’ experiences”, with rates starting at $3,500 per night.

“This is a camp in only the very loosest sense, geared to those seeking something more spa-oriented than spartan.” Writer Hannah Murphy shares that the Luxury Frontiers-designed tented pavilions “yielded multiple spots from which to gaze at the surroundings: the cream living-room sofa, the king-size bed, or the bathroom’s huge freestanding tub.” And from even the outdoor plunge pool, one can marvel “at the stars and the drama of the sandstone formations that border the resort. Splendid buttes and mesas in a shifting palette of grey, pinks and oranges jutted up on the horizon, sculpted over the course of 165m years— surely enough to make even the most eminent guests feel humble.”

The article continues with an overview of the dynamic activity offering, including the activities enjoyed by Murphy: “horse riding in the desert basin, private yoga sessions with crystal sound bowls, and via ferrata-style rock climbing up some of the dizzying sandstone formations.” During Murphy’s challenging climb up the Hoodoo Via Ferrata, a climbing guide succinctly explained the local culture in this remote desert stretch and the effects of COVID-19, “Social distancing for us is a lifestyle.”

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Photo by Aman Resorts