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DuJour: Travel Into The Wild In Style

Publication: DuJour Magazine

Published: May 2020

Written By: Lauren Hill

The newly reopened Puku Ridge, designed by Luxury Frontiers, has been featured in DuJour. Writer Lauren Hill focuses on the ideology of the camp’s first owner, Norman Carr, and pays homage to the walking safari concept which he pioneered. Current operator Grant Cummings of Chiawa Safaris reflects on the significance of walking safaris, “You get the whole inside story of the bush. You get a much more detailed look at how nature works.”

“This past October, the remote safari camp reopened after a complete transformation from the ground up to elevate its level of luxury and ensure optimum sustainability.”

Through its architecture, interior design, and project management services Luxury Frontiers’ aim was to rebuild Puku Ridge with a lighter footprint, starting with the removal of 2,420 tons of old cement slabs and the repurposing of other materials. Luxury can be found throughout Puku Ridge, from top-tier service to décor that celebrates local artisanship.

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Photo by Scott Ramsay