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Luxury Frontiers is a multi-faceted design firm specializing in architecture and interior design for immersive, eco-tourism hospitality.

Founded by Luca Franco and Graeme Labe in 2011, Luxury Frontiers is the birthchild of shared passion for experiential and adventure travel. 

Our Approach

Our ethos is rooted in biophilic, nature-centric, and sustainable design principles, manifesting in alternative construction methodologies.

Our Team

Meet The Team

The team of over 55 radical thinkers, passionate about contextual design and experienced in travel and hospitality. This highly motivated team has been the driving force behind Luxury Frontiers' success, propelling it to become a world leader in immersive hospitality design, with projects spanning across six continents.


Our Services

As a multidisciplinary firm, we provide a holistic approach to supporting a project throughout its development lifecycle, from inception and initial strategy to grand opening and beyond. 

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