and beyond.

Design. Experiential lodging. Innovators and storytellers. Luxury Frontiers prides itself as an international expert in the design and development of experiential resorts and lodges. Beyond today’s notion of luxury, we seamlessly integrate sustainability and sophistication into iconic hospitality concepts on the world’s frontiers of travel. We call it beyond luxury. And then some.

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Luxury Frontiers hospitality solutions

Turning hospitality solutions into success stories

Hotel and land owners alike rely on Luxury Frontiers’ turnkey solutions when it comes to launching experiential journeys for their guests while enhancing asset values.

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Luxury Frontiers Partner Solutions

White glove partner solutions

Whether you are an operator, developer, or other industry professional, we are your must-have partner for creating bespoke tented and treetop experiences.

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6 continents
and a world of projects

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Where experience and
experiential travel connect

At Luxury Frontiers, we support traditional hospitality brands and property owners entering into the experiential universe. We are exporting Africa’s successful adventure travel concepts to the Americas and Asia through upscale, upper-upscale, luxury, and ultra-luxury lodging offerings. And it is with unparalleled drive that we seek to create new conducive environments in which our clients’ guests can encounter life-defining moments and memories.

As the foremost authority in alternative building methodologies for the lodging industry, we are committed to championing the sustainability-focused transformation of hospitality. Not only proven by our experience and projects, but also by delivering on a set of core values which guide our daily operations at the office or in the field.

Our Values:
  • Implementing sustainable business practices
  • Integrating projects into their natural surroundings
  • Supporting local communities and local businesses
  • Embracing new cultures


When it comes to our prized projects,
we speak in latitudes and longitudes.
Here are just a few that span the globe.
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Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge

Belmond / Chobe National Park, Botswana

Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge

Belmond / Chobe National Park, Botswana

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Belmond Savute Elephant Lodge

Belmond / Chobe National Park, Botswana

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Luxury Frontiers unique?

Luxury Frontiers approaches a project holistically, collaborating with clients to unlock the full experiential value of an asset through a low-impact, high-yield development. A full-service shop, we offer turnkey solutions from conceptualization and design to project management, procurement, and experiential programming, all the way through to operational handover and ongoing operations support. No other group offers Luxury Frontiers’ comprehensive array of experiential expertise for the high-end market....

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How long has the Luxury Frontiers team been in this space?

Our team founded Luxury Frontiers in 2011 out of the passion for experiential travel and the desire to develop products and services which enrich people’s lives and preserve environments. From day one, we sought to create a business which exalted—and was sensitive to—the natural environment while also delivering substantial value to clients and capitalizing on the experiential travel movement....

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What is the difference between Luxury Frontiers’ concepts and “glamping”?

Quintessential “glamping” concepts aim to bring guests close to nature, however, due to their off-the-grid site locations, offerings are largely simple. The typical “glamping” tent is a prospector or safari type tent with little to no weather-proofing and with minimal infrastructure in place. For example, these tents may or may not have en-suite bathrooms, running water, or electricity....

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I have followed Luxury Frontiers for some time now. They are one of the most innovative and creative companies when it comes to developing experiential concepts like tented camps. Today I consider them to be the industry thought leader.

-Luke Bailes
CEO, Singita

The future of the high-end luxury business is in enhancing brand reputation through authentic leadership in social and environmental responsibility…The average daily rate for Luxury Frontiers’ ‘room under canvas’ can enhance the position of the hotel and add mystique to the destination.

-Herve Humler
President & COO, Ritz-Carlton

After witnessing Luxury Frontiers’ innovative designs and out-of-the-box thinking at their Belmond Eagle Island Lodge and Abu Camp projects in Botswana, we hired the firm and they have translated these skills over to Nayara in full force. I am delighted by their world-class execution of the design and development process and wholeheartedly foresee a final product which exceeds all market expectations.

-Leo Ghitis
Owner, Nayara Resorts

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Nature approved luxury suites

At Luxury Frontiers, we’re experts when it comes to the growing experiential travel market segment. From resort developers and guests to mother nature and authentic experiences.

A Premier Global Expert

When it comes to the conceptualization, design, planning, and execution of experiential projects for resort developers, we pride ourselves in composing best-in-class projects thoughtfully and mindfully. We do this all without sacrificing sustainability or sophistication. Not only to minimize our footprint, but to complement the extraordinary environments our projects share.

Industry Leadership

Beyond a temporary trend, experiential travel is a fundamental shift in consumer behavior. With our team’s experience in designing, developing, and/or operating some of the world’s most distinguished experiential lodging properties, we are an industry leader and connector in this space.


We believe a resort is exponentially more than the physical structures it is comprised of. Using a site’s natural and cultural assets, our highly-skilled team frames the guest’s eco-sensitive and transformational journey and empowers that journey throughout the design and development stages.

Alternative Building Methods

There are situations in which non-conventional materials and practices—such as canvas, recycled materials, bamboo, and renewable energy sources—need to meet our natural environment. These light-on-earth designs are where we shine.