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“When we decided to create an ultra luxury tented experience at Nayara, we sought out a skilled and knowledgeable partner. Given its deep experience in developing African safari camps and its impressive roster of completed and proposed tented camps across the globe, we felt Luxury Frontiers would be the ideal partner to assist us in creating a special experience at Nayara Tented Resort.”

Leo Ghitis, Owner, Nayara Hotels

“Luxury Frontiers are leading with their Luxury Under Canvas concept....It is an innovative out-of-the-box solution for hotel asset maximization and capitalizes on the experiential travel trend.”

Douglas Rosen, Former Partner, HVS


Luxury Frontiers is bringing experiential concepts that have proven so successful in remote African locations to new markets (in the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, etc.).  It does so by partnering with existing resort owners, who have excess, non-revenue generating land.  Luxury Frontiers' innovative business model provides its joint venture partners the ability to create unique tented camps, treetop living suites and other alternative light-on-earth resort solutions that leverage in-place physical infrastructure and management, amenities, and sales and branding, while providing completely new and different experiences. 

A key element to this Value Proposition: Luxury Frontiers seeks to invest the majority of required capital for key opportunities that meet the company’s criteria.

The asset value enhancement features of our business model include:

  • Directly addressing and capitalizing on the rapidly growing ‘experiential’ and adventure travel market segments
  • Monetization of unproductive, excess land and increasing land value
  • Increase in customer flows/revenues from additional experiential room inventory
  • Creating Economies of scale by leveraging existing infrastructure and branding
  • Ability to meet unmet demand in high season
  • Product / amenity diversification, market diversification, enhanced positioning
  • Creating marketing buzz and public relations benefits.

Other benefits include:

  • Low Turnkey Development Cost
  • Short development timeline: less than 12 months 
  • Product is technically dismountable, resulting (often) in easier approvals and allowing future use changes
  • Luxury tents are light-on-the-earth and support eco-friendly and sustainability trends.

Development Services.jpg

Value-Added SERVICES

Value-Added SERVICES


Luxury Frontiers is able to draw upon its unmatched experience developing luxury and adventure hospitality products to provide a full range of advisory services across all stages of the value chain. Luxury Frontiers’ expertise extends to sales and marketing strategies and experiential programming design: working closely with resort owners/operators to generate exposure among targeted consumers and trade outlets (tour operators, booking platforms) and to craft experiences sure to ‘wow’ high-end travelers.  Where a customer desires assistance on specific elements of a project as it evolves, Luxury Frontiers can provide a menu of à la carte services tailored to the customer’s particular needs.

Luxury Frontiers’ concepts and value-added services allow its investment partners and clients to achieve higher marginslower costslighter environmental impacts and quicker development times than traditional approaches to resort development. They also tap into the rapidly growing, and highly profitable, experiential travel sector.

Luxury Frontiers can assist owners and/or developers of greenfield projects to quickly and efficiently develop stand–alone operations using a variety of low impact and lower cost alternative building methods. These methods have the added advantage that they can be applied in remote (even off-grid) locations where traditional brick and mortar construction may not be permitted or feasible.  

Given its extensive knowledge of the African safari travel market, Luxury Frontiers is also able to provide valuable guidance to global hospitality brands looking to enter or navigate this complex market, including challenges posed by design, development, operation, experiential programming, logistics and sales and marketing. 

Learn more about our products here.